Smart work or hard work ?

Some people think that marketing automation is just spamming, but you can actually streamline several essential processes like customer experience and personalised follow-up campaigns and use those extra hours to brainstorm. To succeed, you need to work smart, and to work smart, you need to get help. Keep reading to know what can help you work smart.

Smart work or hard work ?
Smart work or hard work ?

Get the support you need to work smarter and nail your goals. 

In this report, Marketing In Asia (M.I.A.) reveals its take on smart work through three key practices:

  • Automation in marketing: Marketing automation takes the guesswork out of marketing when set up correctly. By automating the mundane, your team gets that added bandwidth to brainstorm those out-of-the-world ideas that make a difference. They can think outside the box and channel their creativity where it is needed. The provided infographic highlights the perks of automation and how companies have benefited from it while also revealing that more than half (63%) of the respondents feel that automation is worth their money.

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  • Hiring freelancers: M.I.A. also reveals the take on hiring freelancers, where the study shows that it is not only cost-effective but also an efficient practice to get the work done.
  • Regularly monitoring the efforts: No work is complete without frequently monitoring and measuring the efforts against the returns generated. At the same time, people do know that, but the frequency seems to be taking a hit.

Effective marketing is never a mindless task; it’s a science that requires training, tools, and efforts (both hard work & smart work). We believe that smart work can always be better than hard work. There are always opportunities to optimise cost and time with marketing automation, marketing tools, and hiring freelancers.

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For more insights on ways for cost optimisation, best practices and how businesses are using tools to their advantage -  download the full report.

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