MIA Research Report: Optimising The Cost Of Digital Marketing For Businesses

Marketing is the total of all the components that go into getting a customer, right from market analysis for lead generation to procuring a customer. The expanse of the marketing funnel makes it evident for companies to allocate a significant budget to this segment.

MIA Research Report: Optimising The Cost Of  Digital Marketing For Businesses
MIA Research Report: Optimising The Cost Of Digital Marketing For Businesses

Marketing is a key part of a business. It helps increase brand awareness, reach more customers and grow your business. As a result, a significant chunk of the company budget is allocated for marketing and goes to the marketing budget. With the diversity of marketing domains, it is imperative to optimise spending in each component. Crafting a marketing budget requires considering your company's specific and current needs. A comprehensive marketing budget is an essential tool to execute a strategy successfully. However, so many marketing options can be timeconsuming and challenging to determine what will work best for your business based on budget and geographic location. At the outset, many new businesses may lack clarity on how much time and money to spend on marketing, branding, advertising, public relations, and content strategy. For starters, it is essential to consider your business goals when setting KPIs and measuring marketing’s success. From there, specific tactics can be outlined.

Perks of defining a budget

The marketing budget can help a brand by increasing the number of impressions or customers they are exposed to. It can also help companies reduce their costs and make it easier for them to scale up their operations. Also, inhouse marketing can help in optimising marketing costs. The benefits of using in-house marketing are that it is cheaper and gives the company more control over its brand. A marketing budget is also a way that businesses may be able to test different strategies and find out what works best. Initiating research- Conducting market research and surveying potential customers about their habits, preferences, behaviours, and needs to identify opportunities for the company go a long way in judiciously utilising the resources available. In the following sections, we focus on different components of marketing and budget optimisation. The report also talks about marketing tools that cater to various marketing components and how they have helped other companies realise their goals.

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