10 Best Growth Hacking Tools For Marketers

Discover the best growth hacking tools - including tools to find new customers, convert leads, and optimize your website for conversion.

10 Best Growth Hacking Tools For Marketers

Growth hacking is a marketing technique that focuses on the development of a product and its growth. Growth hacking is about the process of finding out what works and what doesn't, so you can keep doing more of what works. It's about looking at your metrics, understanding your customer base and then figuring out how to grow their engagement with your product. The growth hacking tools are the solutions or specific strategies that can be applied to a business, product or service in order to make it grow.

Growth hacking tools are used for various purposes, such as customer acquisition, product development, and marketing optimization. They are used to increase the conversion rate of website visitors into customers and increase the number of leads generated by marketing campaigns.

If you have been thinking about using growth hacking tools to help your company, but have been unsure what kinds of tools are out there, then you are in luck! There are a number of tools that people use for growth hacking, but there are a select few that are the best for the job. In this blog, we will go over a few of the best growth hacking tools that you can use to help you get your business to the next level.

    1. Heap

    Image source: heap.io

    Heap analyzes your complete dataset to quickly illuminate hidden insights within your user's digital journey so you can act with confidence. With Heap you can see and understand every single thing your users do, so product and marketing teams know where to make the most impactful improvements to the digital product or website. This growth hacking tool is a digital insights platform that shows you how users are interacting with your product or website.

    2. Mixpanel

    Image source: mixpanel.com

    Mixpanel offers a very robust and easy-to-use analytics tool. Setting up tracking is very simple to get started. And when you get the data flowing in, Mixpanel provides a wide range of tools to analyze the data. It's easy to build metrics, retention charts, DAU charts and so on. This growth hacking tool focuses on product analytics and product metrics and helps in growing the business.

    3. BuzzSumo

    Image source: buzzsumo.com

    BuzzSumo is the most popular content marketing and growth hacking tool. BuzzSumo has various stunning features, such as a content analyzer that assists in identifying top-performing content throughout the web and a content ideas generator that helps produce fantastic content ideas for websites. Also, this software is quite helpful in building backlinks for a better digital presence that contributes to the overall search engine optimization.

    4. Social Animal

    Screenshot: socialanimal.com

    Social Animal is useful for the online marketer. It gives great insights into what kind of content you should write for the blog when it comes to being relevant, trendy and popular. Especially, the social media numbers can give a clearer indication of where your targeted audience is hanging out with and what kind of course content they are interested to read and to learn.

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    5. Smartlook

    Screenshot: smartlook.com

    Smartlook enables you to see how individual users engage on your site. It shows session recordings that you can filter to display specific pages or funnels. You can click on elements on pages (e.g., a form or a button) to set up an event to record how users engage with it. This growth hacking tool has six basic functions for Website Analytics: Recordings, Heatmaps, Events, Funnels, Analytics & Reporting, and Retention Tables. For Mobile Analytics, the functions it has are Recordings, Events, Funnels, and Analytics & Reporting.

    6. Unbounce

    Screenshot: unbounce.com

    Unbounce allows you to build and optimize landing pages quickly and easily. You can easily customize your site without the need for any coding knowledge. All you have to do is drag, drop and edit. On your landing pages, you can add different items: text, images, banners – anything you want to see on a page. If you don't want to design your own landing page from scratch, there are a lot of different templates for you to choose from.

    7. VistaCreate

    Screenshot: VistaCreate

    VistaCreate is a graphic design platform for people with few or no design skills. It lets you create professional-looking designs in minutes without requiring any knowledge of graphic design. VistaCreate makes it easy for you to create professional and unique social and digital content for your customers. VistaCreate has a collection of prebuilt templates for posts and banners that is automatically suitable for various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.

    8. Sendinblue

    Screenshot: sendinblue.com

    Sendinblue is a powerful marketing tool that helps to reach customers through various channels, including email, SMS, and chat. With Sendinblue, marketers can easily create and manage business marketing campaigns, track their performance, and optimize them for better results. It has lots of prebuilt templates for campaign customization. With this tool, you can send bulk emails to your users instantly, and you can track every email activity. 

    9. Screaming Frog Spider

    Image source: screamingfrog.co.uk

    Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler tool that allows to crawl website URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyze from an SEO perspective. Its website crawler helps improve onsite SEO by extracting data & auditing for common SEO issues. It provides a detailed crawl report of your website, which helps you find missing meta tags, duplicate content, 404 URLs etc. All this data can be easily exported to Excel for further reporting or research. It gives an in-depth analysis report of the complete website.

    10. Zoho Social

    Image source: zoho.com

    Zoho Social is a great tool to organize all the social media from one platform. One can organize and schedule posts by just using this tool. It works with Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, and Facebook. It helps in keeping track of all active social media platforms and assists in scheduling posts according to the requirements of the brand. Zoho Social has ease of use and a very user-friendly platform. It provides insights and reports based on the audience, engagement, traffic, clicks, and summary. 

    I hope these tools will help you grow your website, social media, and marketing presence. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thank you for reading!