Increase Your ROI With These Mobile App Analytics Tools Of 2022

Which mobile app analytics tools should you use? Find out in this article.

Increase Your ROI With These Mobile App Analytics Tools Of 2022

Choosing the right app analytics tool can be difficult. There are a lot of options in the market, and more are being added daily.

If you're not paying attention to analytics, it's time to start. There are a lot of tools that can help you gain a good understanding of user engagement and how your app journey can be optimized to reach its goals.

I am listing here some popular analytics tools for apps. Many app analytics platforms here go beyond just collecting data, and they drill into behaviour or performance analysis, so it depends on what you need to see; you may choose the right tool for you.


Screenshot: Firebase website

Firebase is an excellent tool while beginning with the app-building journey. Through the means of real-time dashboards, it gives a fair and exact understanding of Daily Active Users and media source level retention and acquisition data. If you're familiar with Google Analytics, you should be able to get some pretty interesting data out of Firebase for your app. It provides user analytics, push notifications, user authentication, crash analytics, and performance analytics.


Screenshot: UXCam website

UXCam allows you to get a deeper and closer look at mobile app users' behaviour. The best features include heat maps, user behaviour pattern analysis with the help of Rage Taps, as well as the ability to gauge app crashes and be able to analyze the video recordings of the user sessions. Watching the sessions helps designers better understand how users interact with products. It's a powerful tool that allows you to understand certain behaviours your users are having when they use your app.


Screenshot: Adjust website

Adjust is very powerful when it comes to attribution. It can help with your acquisition sources. Adjust is straightforward with what's going on with your marketing. Compared to some other tracking software, it's much easier with Adjust to quickly understand how specific campaigns or creatives are performing. It's also got a really good cohort system; you can really see how certain groups of users behave.


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Mixpanel offers a very robust and easy to use analytics tool. Mixpanel is one of the most versatile product tracking tools in the market. One can create multiple dashboards with filters to easily dice and slice the data you want to look at. It helps track product activities and how the users are adopting the tool. It provides great and actionable insights into how people are using your product from a variety of different angles. Ultimately, it allows you to make data-driven decisions about your product. There is such depth to the insights, comparisons and predictions you can find within the app.


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Appsflyer helps to identify and leverage the right channels to run digital marketing campaigns. It also helps analyze the performance of various campaigns to the level of creatives. The best part is the ease of using the platform and leveraging all the intelligent metrics to improve the business. Appsflyer gives an accurate and reliable measurement of all the installation metrics and events for apps. AppsFlyer has integrations for almost all of the most commonly used platforms and generally works well once everything is set up and configured properly.

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Kochava is a great tool to understand better the effectiveness of channels in driving app downloads and engagement. Kochava is a great tool for giving analytics on mobile apps, proper attribution and keeping an eye on mobile fraud. You can track and know all the key detail about mobile app campaigns. In addition to the basic KPIs, it lets you track audience engagement and active users on the respective mobile platforms. A/B Testing and Cohort analysis can be performed as well.


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Countly is recognized for its enterprise mobile analytics and marketing platform. Countly is a great tool to see your events and customer behaviours on the mobile application. Its key function in "user retention" helps to understand custom activity in any feature of your application and send that information to the server. It enhances customer satisfaction through its intuitive and well-design app features. Unique features such as tracking and analysis of in-app activity can improve in-app usability and user experience, thus aggregating retention and increasing in-app revenue.

Apple App Analytics

Screenshot: App Analytics by Apple

Apple App Analytics is a free tool to understand your iOS app (store) analytics. You can track app store performance, app engagement and usage, marketing campaigns, subscriptions, sales trends and more. Available in App Store Connect, it's included with Apple Developer Program membership and requires no technical implementation.