Why Storytelling Matters?

How storytelling can be an amazing marketing tool for your business.

Why Storytelling Matters?

Let's face it, we live in the world of fast-moving information and data. How many advertising or social media post that we see every day on our phones? Like, a lot. And as a marketer, these challenges are getting more difficult. According to a study,  e-commerce ad costs have tripled since early 2021. So how do we want to stand from our competitors and also save the cost of our paid ads? Here's how storytelling can be an amazing marketing tool for your business!

What is storytelling and how it can help your business?

I find this article from Referral Candy that summarize perfectly what is storytelling:

Storytelling Is: Storytelling Isn't
Useful Info in a Narrative Any 10,000 Word Article
What Motivates Your Team Your Sales Goals
What Your Brand Stands For An Advertisement
About Your Customers About Your Brand
Emotional & Engaging Boring
A Beginning, A Crises & A Resolution Something "Cool" That Happened
An Interaction Between Your Customers and Your Brand A Sales Pitch

Like many marketing skills, being able to make great storytelling takes time and expertise. But trust me, it will be worth it. Here's 3 reason why you should invest your time (and money) in this particular skill:

1. People made purchase decisions by emotion, not logical

Have you wondered why Apple's latest iPhone 13 models are SOLD OUT on their first pre-order launch day? This is because Apple's founder, Steve Jobs is the mastermind of storytelling. Today, Apple continues Steve Jobs' tradition of storytelling marketing. You can see it in their presentation during Apple Event every year. The way they hook their audience and build suspense when introducing their latest products.

2. Elevate Brand Loyalty

Do you know what's harder than getting a new customer? Retaining them. In marketing terms, we call it CLTV (Customer Lifetime-Value). Did you know that Starbucks estimates that the average lifetime value of their customer is $14,099! It's one customer who has spent (and will spend) about $14,099 at Starbucks in their lifetime! This is because Starbucks promotes a positive environment and experience in their customer journey. From there, it creates a positive emotion that influenced their customer's perspective on their brand.

3. It's just easier to remember

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou 

It's just how our brain is wired. We tend to remember stories than cold, hard facts. For example; when our company, IMAN Publication did a product launch on Aiman Azlan's latest book called 'Unfollow The Flow', we did a storytelling-style campaign based on a real-life story. From this campaign, we have reached thousands of readers out there and reached our campaign goals. 

Final thought.

You don't need to be a scriptwriter or an author to be able to create fancy storytelling. No matter how boring or mediocre your product or service may seem, there's always a story there. I do believe it's just a matter of finding it. In summary, here's 3 reason why you should invest your time (and money) in storytelling.

  • People made purchase decisions by emotion, not logical
  • Elevate Brand Loyalty
  • It's easier to remember.

So, what's your story? 

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