Why Being Unique Is A Better Branding Strategy Than Being Superior?

Being unique, rather than necessarily "superior," can be an effective branding strategy and business model.

Why Being Unique Is A Better Branding Strategy Than Being Superior?
Photo by Noah Näf on Unsplash

Simply because there will always be someone "superior" to you. Thus, competing in a different field is the best way to go.

Facebook didn't have to be "superior" to Myspace to succeed; it simply had to be unique.

Spotify didn't have to be "superior" to Pandora; it just had to be unique, and it did.

Netflix didn't have to be "superior" to traditional movie rental services or even network television; it simply had to be unique, and consumers prefer it.

Keep an eye on your competition and look for flaws. It's similar to what Samsung has done to Apple. You don't have to compete on quality or any special features, just profit from people's beliefs. That's how Samsung captured the other half of the market.

People have different pain points when it comes to products. One of the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur is being perceptive. Be aware of your users' desires, your competitors' pitfalls, and the people who dislike your competitors' pain points, and take advantage of all of them.

For hundreds of years, it's been a tried and proven branding strategy. Read the book "22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing" and see what you can learn about your brand's capabilities by keeping an eye on your competitors. There's always room to stand out. Just create supply where there is demand, put it out there, and you will notice the progress. It's a matter of basic economics.

In this day and age, it's also far too difficult to stand out solely on the basis of quality. To be noticed, you must stand out, and offering something your competitors don't is a great way to get the conversation started.

Apple profited from what Microsoft didn't do, just as Samsung profited from what Apple didn't do.

Be unique, not superior.