The Type Of Content That E-Commerce Stores Need In The New Normal

Content marketing spending is expected to increase in 2022. Given the limited personal connections and face-to-face interactions, businesses need to maximize their websites in order to get their message across.

The Type Of Content That E-Commerce Stores Need In The New Normal
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In order to do this, business owners need to put out high-quality content that is both relevant and authentic in order to build strong relationships with their target market. This will surely result in better conversions than they would if all they did was churn impersonal ads.

As mentioned in my previous article, you can use content to provide value to your potential customers to gain their trust and build a relationship in the process. This greatly contributes to customer experience which will surely make them come back for more!

If you’re looking to leverage the use of content to get quality leads that will lead to higher conversions, below are some content types that you can execute to boost your audience engagement this year.

Video Content

Our attention span is getting shorter. Marketing through the use of videos allows business owners to deliver their messages effectively in a shorter period of time through the use of powerful storytelling elements! 

According to research, viewers are able to retain 95% of the information that they watch compared to reading it in text form. If this is the case, video content will keep your audience engaged for a longer period of time allowing you to connect to your audience and drive more participation from your potential customers. Some examples of video content you can create include product videos, tutorials on how to use your product, and an educational video to introduce your brand story and how your business came to life.

Visual Content

While video content can also be classified under visual content, there are other means of using imagery creatively to grab a significant share of audience attention like using Infographics, immersive content, and using shoppable images and videos.

Infographics allow businesses to simplify complex information through the use of visual pictures. When concepts regarding your product are presented in a diagram, shoppers are able to comprehend complex products better compared to a text form. Having a better understanding of the product translates to a better customer experience because you become more relevant and valuable to your potential client. 

Immersive content on the other hand allows you to replicate the in-store experience of seeing the product. This can be done through 3D images and 360-degree product views. This makes the shopping experience easier and pleasurable which can ultimately convince the client to buy what you’re offering.

Shoppable Images and Videos point the potential customers directly to the store. This flow is so seamless, enabling you to capture the individual immediately - leading to faster decisions and increased conversions.

Content tackling the latest trends

Knowing “what’s hot now” keeps your business fresh and competitive. Understanding trends can help you make better decisions in your business because it helps you forecast what will happen in the future and at the same time take advantage of “what people are looking for now”. If you know the trending topics or seasons in your industry, you will know the appropriate content (or even product!) to put out during these times. Doing this builds authority and drives more sales in the business.

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Customer Reviews

Most if not all of us check out customer reviews before making a purchase, don’t you agree? Social proof can turn sceptics into customers then advocates because people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The beauty of this is that it’s organic, unbiased, and best of all FREE. Since these are from actual customers, it helps your business build trust and credibility and can therefore be one of your greatest assets in driving more revenues for your business! 

Make sure that these reviews are easily accessible so that anyone can read them and even add their own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This may seem mundane and unimportant to some however, having a dedicated page solely for answering people’s queries can be advantageous because it improves the overall customer experience. It sends the message that you already know their concerns even before they ask since you are able to address their queries right off the bat! This makes dealing with you and your business easy and hassle-free. If you’re able to give this experience to your potential customers, who wouldn’t want to do business with you?

There are endless opportunities for creating content for e-commerce businesses. It is best to plan ahead in order to incorporate all these in your overall content marketing strategy. Once all these are in place, your business will surely attract more visitors, increase engagement with your brand, and potentially generate revenue while you sleep!