The Best Instagram DM CRM Tools In 2021

Using Instagram DM’s to generate sales leads and connect with customers is an important part of your business activities. If you do not have a proper CRM in place to manage this, you will lose customers

The Best Instagram DM CRM Tools In 2021

Instagram Direct Messages (DM’s) is one of the most important features of Instagram. That may be an understatement, and those new to social media marketing may have no idea what I am talking about.

Fact: The potential to interact and engage with customers through Instagram DM’s is tremendous, and if you are not taking advantage of that, you and your business are losing out.

90% of Instagram’s 1 billion active users are following at least one business account. Let that sink in for a minute.

Instagram DM’s provide you with a direct line of communication to your customers. You can exchange text messages, videos, pictures, and GIFs. You can target customers and quickly get feedback when needed.

Having a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to manage all of your DM’s in Instagram is therefore essential. But which CRM tool is best for your business? Read on to find which CRM’s should be on your list when choosing the best one for your business.


So one of our major concerns when using a third-party app is sharing personal passwords and login information. The advantage of the is that you do not need to share it to use the application.

Some of the great features include:

  • Email: You can connect your email to your Instagram DM’s so that you can receive them directly. You can respond quickly so you will not miss a message. It goes a step further by also allowing you to send automatic replies.
  • Bulk DM’s: You can send bulk DM’s with without being labelled a bot. You can use paraphrase alternatives, so there is no risk of being labelled a spammer by Instagram.
  • Target Groups: You can also target specific groups and send DM’s only to that group.
  • Pricing: Free, Pro package that is priced at $50 monthly, and the Advanced package that is priced at $95 monthly.

2. amoCRM

So amoCRM describes itself as the first messenger-based sales CRM. It works to enable 24/7 interaction with your customers by using chatbots. Once you download the CRM, you can create a sales channel and move your potential customer through the different phases directly from the application on your desktop. Some important features include:

  • Chat with users on any messenger: This feature is really great because you can manage multiple messages all on different platforms.
  • Syncing Conversations: So this CRM will automatically sync all of your conversations, saving you time from copying and pasting.
  • Chatbots to Answer: Salesbot is amoCRM’s AI bot that will respond to all of your messages in a natural tone. It can sense the direction of the conversation and answer questions by providing preset answers.
  • Pricing: 14 days free trial and pricing options ranging from $15 to $45.

3. AiGrow

So the great thing about this CRM is that they guarantee a team of human Instagram experts who will help your business gain followers. AiGrow will help to manage Instagram DM’s by doing the following:

  • Messaging: By sending messages to a wide audience.
  • Preset Message: Set a preset message that will go out automatically if someone messages you. You can tailor this message according to how you want it to look.
  • DM Bulk: You can also use the DM bulk message feature to send bulk messages to everyone in your inbox.
  • Pricing starts from $23 to $159 a month.

This great video will give you a quick overview of AiGrow’s features.

4. The Real Estate CRM

The Real Estate CRM is another great tool that can be used to integrate with your Instagram business account and manage DM’s. The CRM can be used in the following ways to manage your Instagram account:

  • 3rd API’s Integration: So this CRM integrates with 3rd APIs to enhance the management of your Instagram account.
  • Lead Management: Generate, nurture and convert leads on Instagram so that you can connect with your customers immediately anywhere at any time. This will help to optimize leads.
  • Integration: This CRM can also be combined with other CRM’s to create a complete system of integration to get the most optimized results.
  • Customized Dashboard: So this CRM has a customized dashboard that you can use to manage all of your social media accounts and direct messaging. It will let you stay on top of all your messages so that you can respond quickly.
  • Pricing: You will have to contact the company via email or phone for a quote.

5. Flume

This application is used to manage your Instagram account on your desktop. But it can only be used on Macintosh’s, which is a limitation if you do not have that kind of computer.

Flume’s tagline:

“A beautiful Instagram experience for your desktop.”

As we all know, Instagram has limited usability on your computers. So having apps to manage your account on your desktop can be very helpful.

Some of its features include:

  • Desktop Notifications: You can get notified directly on your desktop of any notifications from Instagram.
  • Add Multiple Accounts: You can add multiple accounts that you are managing on your desktop so that everything is in one place.
  • Direct Messaging: You can directly message from your desktop with our customers and clients.
  • Add Photos: One of the great features of this app is that you can add and upload photos directly from your Mac.
  • Pricing: So the non-pro version is free, while the pro version is a one-time payment of $20 plus tax.

Instagram DM CRMs Enhance Customer Services

It is clear from the above list that Instagram DM’s can help your business get customers.

Having an Instagram DM CRM will also give you more leads through AI features, chatbots, and bulk messaging.

If you have a system in place to manage the DMs, you will be able to get the maximum benefit from them. It will also create free time for you to schedule other activities that are more important for your business.

So if you do not have one yet, waste no more time. Get busy and register for one today!

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