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"Two more dishes of beef." Su Pinellia added that the smell of all kinds of food in the restaurant drew out all the greedy insects in her stomach, and Su Pinellia could not help drooling. And beef is her favorite meat, and she never gets tired of it. Especially the stewed beef, cut into thin slices, dipped in soy sauce and vinegar, is simply delicious. Su Pinellia does not eat anything else, just eat this, you can eat two or three catties. All right. Waiter repeated and asked, "Would you like some wine?" Chicken, duck, fish and meat, the dishes are so good that they should have some wine. That's not necessary. Just do what I said before. Zhouyi blushed when he drank. He thought it was his short board, so he didn't drink easily. Not to mention how Su Pinellia and Zhou Yi ate here, but the Zhao family was in a mess!!! 、46|1100101010101010 Mrs. Chao was over forty, but she was as well maintained as if she were in her thirties. She was usually very dignified, but when she saw her youngest son lying at the door of her house, she suddenly panicked. My son, what is the matter with you? Mrs. Zhao sat on the edge of the bed, wiping her tears and crying bitterly. It is said that parents love their youngest son. There are three young masters in the Zhao family, and the one Mrs. Zhao loves most is Zhao Yanping. As a result, now her favorite son is unconscious, and Mrs. Zhao is not calm. All right,cattle weight tape, all right, don't cry. Saner's face is flushed and his forehead is burning. I guess he's just confused. Besides, the doctor is watching now. Master Zhao couldn't stand the way his wife was crying. The doctor was still there. The third son had no other injuries on his body, but was ill, which was not a big problem. Master Zhao hadn't returned home yet, but when he heard the news that Saner was unconscious, he rushed home immediately. Master Chao, Lady Chao,Fish measuring board, young master, it's just a fever caused by a cold. I'll write a prescription and take the medicine. I'll be able to wake up tomorrow morning. The Zhao family is a rich family, and the doctor is naturally one of the best in the city. Doctor Sun was the most powerful one. After feeling his pulse, he went to his desk and wrote a prescription. After explaining the matters needing attention, the little medicine boy took the consultation money and left the Zhao family. With Dr. Sun's permission, Mrs. Zhao breathed a sigh of relief and returned to her senses. She wiped the tears from her eyes with her veil and then said to her husband, "Sir, I don't know what happened to Saner when he went out this time. He was so embarrassed.". And there was no boy who had followed him before. It's just so weird. "You'll have to wait for Saner to know exactly how it is. It's no use thinking about it now. Relax. Don't stay here all night tonight." As an old married couple, Master Zhao knew Lady Zhao's temper. If he does not speak, his wife is bound to watch his son and wait for him to open his eyes. Master Zhao was very helpless about this, and the three sons were simply competing with him for favor. If he is not careful, his wife can be "abducted" by his third son. " I know. How old are you? You're still like a child. Mrs. Zhao knew it and smiled through tears. Fortunately, the youngest son only had a fever, which was not a big problem, and Mrs. Zhao's worries went to the seventh floor. Sir, Surveyors tape measure ,fish measuring tape, shopkeeper Qian said he had something to report. Qingsong is Master Zhao's right-hand man, and generally these things are reported by him. What does the money shopkeeper want with him? "Master Chao wondered to himself and said to Qing Song," Please ask the money manager to go to the Council chamber. "Madam, I have something to do. I'll go first. You take good care of Saner here and don't forget to eat." "Before he left, Master Chao did not forget to tell his wife." "Oh, go about your business. I'm still here." Mrs. Zhao hurriedly pushed Master Zhao out. The Council chamber. Just now, thanks to the money shopkeeper, I was able to find my son so quickly. Zhao thanked me here. Although he is his own subordinate, but Master Zhao should have a lot of etiquette, after all, he is the first to discover, should be the word of thanks. "You're welcome, sir. I have something else to say." Shopkeeper Qian told Master Zhao everything that had happened today. In fact, when he originally came, Master Zhao was not at home. So this matter was not reported. "I just asked about the news, saying that the third young master had not returned home yet." Can you take this seriously? Master Zhao asked again, trying to ma

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