IT Outsourcing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2021

Outsourcing IT related services mean hiring not only a different company to handle or lead IT services externally but also involving the transfer of employees.

IT Outsourcing Trends to Keep an  Eye on in 2021
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Outsourcing IT related services basically mean hiring a different company to handle or lead IT services externally. It could also mean involving the transfer of employees and/or assets from a company to another. Outsourcing functions as such:

? It can help develop new applications or custom software design
? Improve applications for mobile and the web
? Provide support for application maintenance
? Provide support in data centre and database operations like Custom Relationship
   Management or CRM Software
? Data storage and recovery
? Hosting, operating and/or maintaining a site or app

Several companies are deciding to utilize outsourcing services because this route enables time and cost savings. Due to outsourcing, the customer experience exponentially improved, leading to saving more money. It also allows more companies to focus more on their core objectives, outcomes, and values. Procurement and purchasing are part of the trend involved in outsourcing. Contracts are becoming shorter and income-based. Outsourcing, in turn, would lead to more collaboration between partners, investors, and buyers. Allowing for more collaboration also could mean receiving help from the best professionals in the field.

Types of Outsourcing
? Artificial Intelligence (AI) wherein AI-powered programs are already changing the
customer experiences worldwide.
? Cyber Security - As technology continues to grow and develop, cyber-crimes are also
starting to increase. Investing in cybersecurity ensure that online data are kept safe
? Cloud data storage migration
? 5G Network

Examples of Industries that outsource IT


FinTech industries are taking advantage of outsourcing IT due to demands in different programs such as blockchain or digital ledger of online transactions; digital banking and solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. Besides, it is guarantees secure financial transactions in any place and at any given time.


Also known as med-tech, health-tech industries are working on leverage technology to help healthcare costs, aid in gaining a wider scope and obtainability, and support the enhancement of how hospitals are being run.


With the use of 5G network, telecommunication industries will surely stay and continue to be in demand.

Kinds of IT outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing

An  outsourcing company" rel="nofollow">offshore software outsourcing company is a type of company that is usually distanced at least 5 to 6 hours apart


This type of outsourcing company is usually distanced at least 2 to 3 hours apart . Onshoring: An onshoring company are companies that are local and are within a state or a country’s borders, leading to lower costs.


Homeshoring is a type of outsourcing similar to onshoring but mostly utilizes remote workers that mostly work from home.


Multisourcing uses different kinds of vendors to help diversity hurdles in operations
Nowadays, IT sourcing continues to grow, facing no barriers across the globe. Numerous companies are choosing to outsource their services because of the advantages it offers such as a decrease in costs, better conditions, and the ability to gain help from talented professionals no matter where they are while at the same time greatly contributing to business growth and business sustainability.

Closing thoughts 

Several different types of enterprises are already using these trends of outsourcing with the help of lesser-known or other, smaller companies with the abilities to adapt to ever-growing changes to technologies and services. Being up to date with the newest technologies and focusing more on having a customer-centric approach could truly make a difference in today’s world.