How Malaysia Celebrated International Women's Day 2022 Through Campaigns

As we all know, there are a few countries where women are denied equal chances and their sole function is to care for the home. This, however, must change because every woman deserves to shine, and women should be given the same opportunities as men.

How Malaysia Celebrated International Women's Day 2022 Through Campaigns
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The COVID-19 outbreak has sparked an unforeseen catastrophe, threatening to undermine progress toward the SDGs and disproportionately affecting the world's poorest and most vulnerable. The impact has been felt by people from all walks of life. The pandemic has revealed significant socioeconomic disparities, notably in terms of women's and girls' welfare and well-being. Women are at the vanguard of the battle in the COVID-19 world, as front-line and health-care workers, scientists, doctors, and caretakers, but they are still paid less globally than their male counterparts. Everyone benefits from women's full and effective participation and leadership in all aspects of life. Despite this, women continue to be underrepresented in public life and decision-making, as the UN Secretary-General recently stated.

Women account for about half of the population in Malaysia and have the highest percentage of graduates. Malaysia's first female Deputy Prime Minister and Chief Justice recently took power. There have been some constructive initiatives to design and enhance policies for women, and we applaud the policy goal of at least 30% women in decision-making in the public and private sectors. There has been a modest improvement in Malaysia's legal protection for women in the areas of rape, domestic abuse, and sexual harassment through building an enabling legal framework. With enhanced rape penalties and a broader definition of domestic violence, sexual harassment in the workplace is now illegal.

In 1962, the first Women's Day event in Malaysia took place at Stadium Merdeka. HRH Tuanku Tengku Budriah Tengku Ismail, the then Raja Permaisuri Agong, was present. Hundreds more women were also there, including Malaysia's then-Prime Minister, Tuanku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, and the country's then-Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak. In conjunction of Women’s Day, here are a few campaigns that were launched to honour the love and sacrifices made by all women in our society, as they are capable of contributing equally to our home, society and country.

Source: UN, National Council of Women’s Organisations, Malaysia

Women’s March Malaysia 2022

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Women's March Malaysia held their first physical meeting in two years yesterday at Taman Tasik Jaya, with a picnic protest. With the theme 'Rise: Resist a nod towards endurance and dedication to speak the truth,' close to 200 people in attendance stood in unity for a fair Malaysia. The Women's March Malaysia picnic protest was described as a reclamation of space and recognition that rest is a form of resistance, as well as a right of oppressed genders and sexual identities to rest despite having to battle for equality and freedom of expression on a daily basis. The group made nine demands to the government, including ensuring bodily autonomy and freedom of choice, equal pay for equal work, a ban on child marriage, declaring a climate crisis and formulating a national plan to mitigate it, equal political participation of oppressed genders and sexual identities at all levels, and establishing and ensuring accessible and safer spaces for oppressed gender and sexual identities offline and online. It also called for legislative changes to achieve gender equality, prioritise gender mainstreaming in healthcare, and put a stop to all types of violence motivated by gender and sexual identities.

Source: Yahoo News Malaysia

Pace x Filamen #BreakTheBias Exhibition

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The Break the Bias group exhibition, presented by the Digital Art Gallery (DAG) at Kedai KL, Mahsa Avenue in Kuala Lumpur, features eight local women digital artists. The ticketed exhibition, which launched in parallel to International Women's Day, includes new digital artworks and visual projections that depict a society free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. The show's artworks are also accessible as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offering this debut exhibition of female digital artists a wider audience in the digital art market. According to Filamen's co-founder, the majority of digital artists working on NFT projects are men, which perpetuates preconceptions and prejudices about digital artists. They want to demonstrate that women are a vital part of the scene, and that their work is equally unique and valuable.

Source: The Star

2022 Run With Flying Colours - Pass It On #BreakTheBias

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The annual 'Run With Flying Colours' family fun run for gender equality has return, and this year it was held physically by following the designated SOP. The race, which is being organised by JCI Pearl and endorsed by the Penang government in honour of International Women's Day, aims to promote gender equality as a necessary component for economies and communities to prosper. In addition to supporting the Penang2030 goal, the state government has championed equal rights for women and has developed a gender inclusivity policy, making it the first state in Malaysia to do so.

Source: Buletin Mutiara 

Moto & Gincu 2022

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Throttle Riot, a local motorcycle club, organised a special convoy event named "Moto and Gincu" in honour of International Women's Day 2022. Raja Susrina and Hanis Hamdan, the founders of Thottle Riot, have been organising this event since 2017 to bring awareness of women's success and achievements. Female and male motorcycle enthusiasts are welcome to join. When asked about women riders, Hanis remarked that women can ride a variety of motorcycles, just like men, who are frequently associated with motorcycles. They hope that by holding this event, the stigma of women who aren't strong enough to ride motorcycles would be challenged, thereby supporting International Women's Day.

Source: Motomalaya

#MyFirstTrade Campaign

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Bursa Malaysia Berhad joined 118 other exchanges across the world in promoting awareness about gender equality in the equity market area in honour of International Women's Day. To commemorate, Bursa Malaysia's Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift, rang the bell at market opening, followed by a discussion on women's engagement in the Malaysian equities market. The Exchange also started its #MyFirstTrade Campaign, which will run from March 8 through March 31, 2022, in addition to hosting the virtual dialogue. Female investors are encouraged to share their inspiring first-time trading experiences as part of the campaign, which aims to inspire more women to enter the market and begin their investment adventure. The Equality4Equity page on the Exchange's Bursa Marketplace platform, as well as all of the Exchange's social media platforms, will highlight these short stories.

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Be Confident, Be Yourself

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vivo Malaysia is proud to present its 'Be Confident, Be Yourself' campaign in honour of International Women's Day, which includes promotion on the latest selfie flagship smartphone, the V23e & V23e 5G, as well as exclusive free gifts for all vivo fans. You can celebrate the day with the latest selfie flagship smartphone V23e & V23e 5G, as well as one-of-a-kind presents geared to expressing your love and admiration for you and the remarkable ladies in your lives. Customers who purchase V23e at RM1,199 or V23e 5G at RM1,599 during the promotion period, which runs from March 1 to March 15, 2022, will receive free gifts worth up to RM528. A 1-year extended warranty, 1-year screen crack protection, limited edition vacuum flask, and phone case are included in the special free goodies box.

Source: Juniper's Journal 

'Share Our Payslips' Movement

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Her Duit is a platform where financial planning ideas are shared in the hopes of empowering women to ask for what they deserve in order to save and invest more. It was founded by digital creative, Michelle. Her Duit launched a collaborative effort for International Women's Day where women can share their pay stubs and obtain the assistance they need to negotiate better salaries for themselves. 

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For centuries, men have had greater benefits in every aspect of society, including pay range, social position, and voting rights percentage. We are in the 21st century, and the world is gradually advancing toward gender equality. It is progressing toward equality for men and women, which could include equal income, social status, and voting rights for women. This change is vital and required all across the world since we are all human beings who deserve equal opportunity and respect. Women's achievements in social, cultural, and political sectors are honoured on International Women's Day. Women's Day aims to bring attention to women's rights and gender parity in a few regions around the world that are often overlooked. It should be observed as a day on which everyone recognises the value and significance of women in our lives and around the world.