Gynoveda Ropes In Taapsee Pannu As Brand Ambassador

The company has rolled out a new campaign #AyurvedaForHealthyPeriods

Gynoveda Ropes In Taapsee Pannu As Brand Ambassador
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Gynoveda, an Ayurvedic Femtech company with the goal of helping Indian women to be free of menstrual and reproductive problems, has signed on acclaimed Indian actress Taapsee Pannu as their brand ambassador. Gynoveda has launched a new campaign #AyurvedaForHealthyPeriods. 

As a company committed to feminine wellness, Gynoveda encourages women to prioritize their health and speak freely about their intimate health issues to prevent them from turning into chronic ailments.

The digital-first Ayurveda Femtech company is providing easily accessible and affordable treatment across the country to solve problems like PCOS, PCOD, period irregularities, vaginal discharge or infertility. They currently have treatments available in 20,000 pin codes.

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Founder & CEO of Gynoveda, Vishal Gupta said, "Our vision is to establish Ayurveda as the world's first choice for women to permanently solve menstrual disorders. Gynoveda combines Ayurveda, Technology, Content and Community that makes women's healthcare easy, accessible & affordable from puberty to menopause. Taapsee is an icon for women's empowerment and has always challenged the status quo. Her views echo the mission that we have set to achieve, and through this association, we hope to accomplish major transformations in the area of women's overall health and wellness."

"At Gynoveda, we aim to help women get healthy inside to be strong outside. We stand for ayurvedic diets that have a positive impact on menstrual health. Pannu hasn't just joined Gynoveda as a brand ambassador, but will empower our shared vision as a change-maker to improve the way women perceive menstrual health," Rachana Gupta, co-founder of Gynoveda, stated.

"Health is a prerequisite for anyone to become the best version of themselves and achieve their dreams," says Pannu. "Menstrual and reproductive health issues for women remain under-represented and are still seen as a taboo in certain strata of our society. As a part of my association with the brand, I hope to be a catalyst for change," she added.

Gynoveda is a Femtech company Founded by Rachana Gupta and Vishal Gupta that combines Ayurveda and technology to offer women healthcare products. They offer female wellness products, especially menstrual hygiene care.