Digital Marketing In Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is dubbed as the next generation of the internet. How will this affect the world of marketing, and how can marketers catch up to the latest trends?

Digital Marketing In Web 3.0

The creation of the world wide web has greatly revolutionized the way humans communicate, create and receive information. Now, the world is gearing towards a new generation of the internet with Web 3.0, and many experts are predicting that this new development will significantly impact businesses, marketing and our way of life.

For those who are confused about what Web 3.0 means, here’s a simplified explanation: 

Web 1.0 refers to the initial stages of the World Wide Web, where websites were static and are only used to showcase information. Personal web pages were common, consisting mainly of static pages hosted on ISP-run web servers, or on free web hosting services. 

Web 2.0 brought a shift in communication among online users. Websites started integrating user-generated content, while social media sites and applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter became prevalent. The development of Web 2.0 allowed users to create and share their own content online, with more interaction and collaboration as a community in the online space. 

Now, the world is seeing a move toward Web 3.0, dubbed the next generation of the World Wide Web. Web 3.0 will be the next phase of growth for web businesses, building on the interactive and socially connected websites of Web 2.0 and the informational sites from Web 1.0.

Web 3.0 is an upgraded version of Web 2.0 and is characterized by creating a virtual world within the Internet. Rather than being controlled by corporations with centralized leadership making decisions on products or services, the new model uses decentralized technologies and brings users into the role of owners.  

How Web 3.0 can influence the future of digital marketing

The development of Web 3.0 will further meld the line between digital and physical realms, and it’s time for marketers to start thinking about how they want to engage their consumers in this new dimension.

We’ll have to start rethinking the role of smart devices, as they will no longer be mere tools to input data and create content. Smart devices can capture content with a push of a button. Furthermore,  data becomes actionable insights, where terabytes of data can be presented in visual form. This will help businesses to interpret data in a clearer and simpler form.

With Web 3.0, we will see a greater emphasis on virtual communities, where social connections will be brought to new heights. Users will be given more power and autonomy than Web 2.0, and virtual identities will become more prominent.  Marketers will have to take initiative to enter and actively participate in virtual channels to remain relevant and connect with their consumers.

Here are a few ways for marketers to step into the world of Web 3.0 marketing

Enter the metaverse

The digital world is now all abuzz with the metaverse. The metaverse refers to the creation of shared, 3D virtual spaces that are linked to a virtual universe, where users can travel across virtual spaces, interact and communicate with their own virtual identities. The metaverse is ideally positioned to revolutionize events, exhibitions, and conferences, with many businesses organizing virtual events with interactive and immersive 3D experiences. Holding events in the metaverse can help boost your audience's curiosity and provide more room for creativity.

Create Decentralized applications 

Decentralized applications or Dapps are applications built on a decentralized network,  which combines a smart contract and a frontend user interface. Decentralized applications come with many benefits - Dapps come with more secure user privacy as you do not need to provide real-world identity. Furthermore, there is more freedom and flexibility and freedom with the lack of censorship, as it isn't controlled by a single entity on the network which blocks users from submitting transactions and deploying Dapps. Businesses can utilize Dapps to create their own unique and creative content.

Virtual Commerce

Virtual commerce or virtual selling is the collection of processes and technologies where selling and buying are conducted remotely. To make it simple, virtual selling is any aspect of the sales process in which the traditional in-person part has been replaced by online technologies.  Virtual selling helps sales reps to overcome various challenges when it comes to traditional sales, and provides a wider platform and target audience. Through virtual selling, stakeholders can be brought together regardless of where they are, through virtual conferencing tools. A virtual approach also helps with dealing with the tight schedules of decision-makers. Digital marketing goes hand-in-hand with virtual selling, helping to grab the audience's attention and providing useful behavioural insights. 

Use creator coins to reward customers and creators

Creator coins are social tokens that allow creators, influencers, musicians and more to launch their own cryptocurrencies to monetize and multiply their audience. Creator Coins help to move creators who offer digital products and services closer to each other, giving the creator and their followers a win-win situation. Creators can be as imaginative as they want with what they offer in exchange for their social tokens. This is an unmatchable way of building a new marketplace around your brand while engaging with your community in a more meaningful and valuable way. 

Publish limited edition content

Consider creating publishing your own limited edition content with new unique ideas. Instead of an E-book that anyone can own, create a limited edition NFT version of that content (or entirely new content), with extra goodies (video, interviews, a podcast episode, whatever). People can collect them (using money or your brand coins), trade them or sell them. People who collect a whole series might get extra goodies: invitations, product features, new content.

Pay people to consume your content

Audiences are always motivated by incentives, so why not utilize new technologies to reward them for their time and loyalty. You can reward them for downloading your content, finishing it or completing milestones. The rewards can be in Bitcoin, any altcoin or stablecoin, your own brand coin, NFT, or a token as yet unimagined. It is one of the best Web 3.0 marketing strategies to try in order to expand your business.

In conclusion, the progress of Web 3.0 will bring about countless new possibilities, changing the future of businesses and marketers alike. Marketers should start expanding their knowledge and engagement with Web 3.0 to stay ahead of the game.

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