Cluster Strategy for SEO – The Big Leap

A topic cluster model is a novel method that transfers your attention from specific long-tail keywords to wider topics.


Hi, This podcast is about Cluster Strategy for SEO – The Big Leap

In this podcast we’ll walk you through:

- What is Cluster Model?

Many corporations silently reconfigure their webpages in the background as you happily (or apathetically) peruse the web. Why? Because competition to be found in search engine results is fierce nowadays

- Search Engines Are Forcing SEOs to Adapt. Why?

The topic cluster approach is primarily motivated by changing behaviour. However, marketers and SEO specialists are not going through the time-consuming process of redesigning their website structure only to stay ahead of consumer behaviour.

- Do Topic Clusters Actually Impact SERPs?

- What Does This Mean for my Website?

This configuration makes it more difficult for search engines to quickly crawl through all of the pages.

- How Do I Create a Topic Cluster?

Examine your existing content pages and categorise them according to topic focus.

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