Brain Science Selling Analysis Of Squid Game

Brain Science Selling Analysis Of Squid Game
Photo by Mahdi Bafande on Unsplash

Did you know that Squid Game is full of Brain Science Selling concepts that marketers can learn from?

This Netflix Number 1 show has garnered a lot of following and created multiple trends on different social media channels. The drama, the acting, the writing and the effects all combined made for effective storytelling. 

Inside the story are ideas that marketers can use for their businesses.

Let's list them down here:

1. Gamification

Dopamine or the feel-good hormone is released whenever we are rewarded for a specific action. Gamification focuses on giving learners instantaneous feedback. It releases serotonin that governs our overall mood. And winning makes us feel good. Gamification also triggers the release of endorphins while we play the game. It lowers stress and anxiety levels and sometimes gives us the feeling of euphoria. 

Coaches, consultants, course creators can use this in their marketing when they give badges for finishing a mini-course, or set a time limit to the quizzes. Marketers and business owners on the other hand, can use this concept using social media games, raffles and other forms of competition.

2. Nostalgia Marketing

Squid Game used games from their childhood as an overriding concept. Nostalgia marketing is the equivalent of comfort food. It gives us warm fuzzy feelings.

How do you use this for your strategies? On Zoom, you can use music from your audience's generation. If you are presenting to Gen-Xers, choose the 80s or 90s pop songs that will bring them to a time when they had fun as kids or as teenagers. The accompanying feeling of nostalgia will flow over to how they will feel about your brand.

3. Personal Branding

Each of the characters represented something: the bully, an all-around good guy, the achiever, the. loudmouthed neighbour, the old man you go to for stories. Their brands helped them in creating and joining teams that proved to be important as the game progressed.

In Brain Science Selling, you first have to go deep into yourself, using meta-questions to understand your motivations in doing your business. This helps you find your Why. And when you follow your Why, others will follow you. Knowing your strengths before you begin your journey also helps to identify which ones you can keep doing yourself and which tasks you can delegate.

The same thing in Squid Game, teammates were chosen according to their strengths as well as their motivation.

Which of these Brain Science Selling concepts can you use for your business? I am excited to see how you can incorporate them!