Best Heatmap Software Tools For Your Business In 2022

Heatmap software is a crucial analytical tool for your website. In this post, you will learn about top heatmap solutions for your business.

Best Heatmap Software Tools For Your Business In 2022

A heat map is a graphical representation of data where the individual values are represented as colors. Heat maps are a way to visualize data and identify patterns. They can be used in many industries, but they are most commonly used in marketing and advertising to show how customers interact with a product or service.

Are you looking for the best heatmap software tool to optimize your web pages? Following is a handpicked list of top heatmap software tools. 

Best Heatmap Software Tools For Your Business

1. Contentsquare - Digital experience patform

Contentsquare logo

Contentsquare's experience analytics platform captures every in-page interaction and micro-gesture to understand the how and why of customer behavior. The platform is very user-friendly and a tool that allows users to gain interesting insights into their customers' behavior. Content Square gives a unique perspective as well as a robust set of tools to help in the decision making process of user journey mapping. ContentSquare allows you to analyze the user's journey and identify pain points within the page. 

2. Hotjar - Website heatmaps & behavior analytics tools

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Hotjar is a powerful tool because it has so many features and offers so much value to companies. It's really an all-in-one solution that gives you the user insight which is needed, such as Heat map, Recordings, Feedback and survey. You can analyze specific pages, buttons, or events by tracking their impressions or clicks via Hotjar Heatmaps. The implementation is quick, and it helps a lot to improve your website or app. 

3. Inspectlet - Complete optimization platform

Inspectlet logo

It records the user sessions and plays them so that we can understand the exact behavior of the user. It can segregate the user by IP, country, region, pages etc. Tagging is also a very nice feature which helps the developer/Inspectlet user quickly find the desired session to view. It has a simple UI which makes it easy to use for people with a non-technical background.

4. Glassbox - Digital customer experience analytics

Glassbox logo

The interaction maps & session replay tools are invaluable and provide insights into how visitors interact with the website and enable you to better understand what is/isn't working to make data-driven changes. The error analysis tool enables you to see what errors are occurring during visitors' sessions and how often these are happening; the ability to then search for these specific sessions so that you can see exactly when/how these errors are occurring is fantastic and really help dev team with ensuring the website is performing as expect and helps provide a much better user experience for visitors.  

Glassbox overview

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5. Smartlook - Session recording & behavior analytics tools

Smartlook logo

Smartlook is an analytics solution for websites, iOS/Android apps, and various app frameworks that answer the "whys" behind your users' actions. Smartlook enables you to see how individual users engage on your site. It shows session recordings that you can filter to display specific pages or funnels. It has an easy-to-use interface. You can click on elements on your pages (e.g., a form or a button) to set up an event to record how users engage with it. It has a helpful share functionality.

analyze user behavior

6. FullStory

fullstory logo

FullStory is a trusted Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform that combines rich product analytics, robust session detail, and collaboration tools to deliver real-time insights that uncover opportunities on web and mobile experiences. The tool gives you a quick snapshot of the quantitative data of how prospects interact with the different website/landing pages. You can look up a particular session and dive deeper into the workflow on how users are navigating, where they're hovering, where they're clicking, and so forth.

session replay-fullstory

7. Plerdy - Conversion rate optimization tools

Plerdy logo

With Plerdy, you have a clear view of what's going on the website so that you can make smart decisions with peace of mind. It's perfect for organizations of all sizes, from small startups to enterprises. The tool has compelling features: heatmaps, video recording of sessions, forms analytics and popups, SEO audits, and funnel tracking. You can optimize a website to make the user experience better.

8. Yandex.Metrica

Yandex metrica logo

Yandex.Metrica is a powerful web analytics system combining advanced reporting tools with heat maps and session replay. You can track many statistics, such as location, age, and gender. Tracking all these variables helps you target better when advertising. There are many other useful features, such as the session replay - the system records the movement of each respondent who visits your site. You can see how easy have been for consumers to find what they were looking for.

9. LuckyOrange

LuckyOrange logo

Lucky Orange can help you understand why your website gets traffic that doesn't convert into sales or leads. Lucky orange is excellent at showing live visitor engagement, and you can use these details to help design a website for greater conversion.

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Benefits of using heatmapping software

Heat mapping software is used for observing user behaviour on a website. It helps to identify the important parts of the website and enables users to see where they are clicking. This software provides insights into what aspects of the website should be improved and what things users find most engaging.

The benefits of heat mapping software are that it allows companies to identify which parts of their websites are not working well and which parts are performing well. It also provides insights into customer experience, behaviour, conversion rates, traffic sources, click patterns, top content, etc.

Selecting heatmap software

It can be hard to choose the best heatmap software for your business. It can have unique features that might be beneficial to better analyze your data and insights, so take time to explore each vendor before making your choice. Heatmaps provide an eye-opening vision of how visitors view your content and can help you make crucial business decisions. A heatmap shows how users interact with your site. This information can help you optimize your shopping cart and your online forms and where to put links on a website. All these decisions will help you make smart choices that improve a business's bottom line.