Best ASO Tools To Get Your App Ranked

Find out the best ASO tools for improving app store ranking. Optimize keyword rankings, track the traffic, improve the app’s visibility on App Store & Google Play and increase sales.

Best ASO Tools To Get Your App Ranked
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Strong ASO can help make your app or game more visible to potential users and increase their likelihood of downloading it. Many app optimization tools can help developers get visibility on app store listings. If you're looking for the best app store optimization tool, here's a list of what I'd recommend.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Before we jump in, let's take a quick look at app store optimization. According to Wikipedia, ASO is the process of improving the visibility of your mobile app on an app store. ASO tools help developers to achieve better results when marketing an app in the app store.

Benefits of ASO tools

ASO tools are becoming more and more popular among developers because they can provide all sorts of information required for improving visibility on App Stores.

The benefits of ASO tools are that they can help you get a higher ranking in the app store. They can also be used to improve your conversion rates and increase your user base.

Along with enhancing user engagement, mobile app optimization also provides several benefits. For example:

  • Improved app visibility
  • Increased number of downloads
  • Reduced user acquisition costs
  • App revenue growth
  • Global audience reach

After covering the benefits, let's talk about the key part of this article and explore the best ASO tools.

Types of App Store Optimization tools

Based on the different features these tools provide, we have grouped them into four different types.

1. Keyword Optimization 

These app store optimization tool helps you figure out what words to include in your app description or title so that the search engine would list your app. It can also give you an idea about which keywords are important for ranking too. You can track changes in rank over time too.

2. User Review Optimization

These types of ASO tools can show you what your users are complaining about so that you can improve it in your app/game.

3. A/B Testing

These tools can help you double-check your app or game's landing page. A/B testing allows for experimentation to see what attracts new downloads.

4. Search Ad optimization

This tool provides you with insights about running ad campaigns for your app. It will also showcase what your competitors are doing.

Top 8 App Store Optimization tools in 2022


1. AppTweak - ASO tools for apps & games


Image source: apptweak

It's a great and easy to use tool that marketers can use daily to look deeper at performance metrics and evaluate app store metadata and keyword positioning in both the Android and iOS app stores. The amount of key information the tool provides in terms of Keywords insights, research, market and store intelligence is super helpful.

Key features

  • Keyword research and monitoring dashboard for better tracking and keeping up with the competitors
  • App power and category ranking tracking
  • Competitor keyword research and overall analysis
  • 3-4 different plans to choose from depending on what we need to analyze and research.
  • Ad intelligence tool for understanding the keyword that app install campaign is delivering ads for search placements
  • Metadata analysis of competitors to monitor competitors and to improve ASO score

2. App Radar - App store optimization tool

App Radar

Image source: App Radar

AppRadar provides a really intuitive and rich features product for anyone developing and promoting apps either on AppStore or Google Play. It empowers app marketers to reach more users through organic and paid user acquisition by combining simple analytics and standardized marketing workflows.

Key features

  • Keywords analysis
  • Store listing optimization
  • View your aggregated store listing score, and see recommendations on what to optimize
  • Track your competitors

3. AppFollow - App review management & ASO platform


Image source: AppFollow

ASO analytics system of AppFollow is a powerful feature. It provides you with an overall view of how apps are doing compared to competitors and shows the details of their strengths and weaknesses. A good tool to monitor metrics between platforms, track downloads and respond to reviews.

Key features

  • Competitor analytics
  • You can resolve reviews from multiple stores all on one site.
  • AppFollow combines a lot of must-have features for monitoring stores and replying to reviews. Useful filters, the possibility to add tags, autotranslation, reviews export, etc.

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4. Asodesk - Grow your app business


Image source: aso desk

Asodesk offers three specific features: keyword optimization, organic intelligence, and app analytics. The tool has all the necessary features to deliver good ASO work.

Key features

  • Keyword Intelligence Tool
  • Traffic Sources Analytics
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Tool
  • Competitor Analytics
  • Store Analytics

5. Intelligence - App analytics and mobile data analytics tool

Image source: is the industry's most trusted mobile insights and analytics platform. Get the complete picture of the mobile landscape you need to acquire, retain and engage customers, prioritize your roadmap, enter new markets, and optimize ROI.

With Intelligence, you can:

  • Accelerate your app download and revenue strategy
  • Improve your app's ratings and keep users coming back
  • See how app usage differs across 60+ countries
  • Optimize your launch strategy and acquisition campaigns • Benchmark your mobile performance against competitors


6. Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower

Image source: Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower enables corporations to dive deep into data and analytics platforms to gain insights into mobile iOS and Google Play app stores. And provide a one-stop platform for app developers to do keyword ranking tracking, analysis and App Store Optimization in the iOS App Store & Google Play Store. Get more downloads by improving your search visibility. Gain insight into download and revenue estimates for the iOS App Store & Google Play Store.

7. Split Metrics - Mobile app A/B testing for app store and Google Play

split metrics

Image source: Split Metrics

Split Metrics is a great ASO tool for boosting organic traffic and lowering user acquisition costs. SplitMetrics is the app store A/B testing tool, allowing you to increase app page Conversion Rates and lower Cost-per-Install.

Key features

  • A/B tests
  • User behaviour analysis
  • Testing against competitors
  • Prelaunch app testing
  • Test different locations
  • App store optimization tips

8. Checkaso - App store optimization for iOS & Android


Image source: Checkaso

Checkaso is an analytical platform that rates your ASO performance and gives you custom tips on how to improve it. The platform algorithms provide highly accurate data on keywords impressions and search volume, live search results, ranking history, competitor analysis for the App Store & Google Play, and more.

Key features

  • ASO index
  • Customized tips
  • Monitor app ranking
  • Keyword starter pack
  • Automatic and manual keyword adding
  • Data from app stores
  • Keyword analytics
  • Live search results
  • Insight on competitors

Wrapping up

ASO tools help you optimize your app's visibility on the app store. They provide you with insights into how your competitors are performing and offer various ways to improve your app's ranking. Do your research and see what features best serve your needs.