How To Boost Instagram Engagement: 5 Visual Content Tactics

Instagram is a social media platform where people mostly post photos or videos. People who have achieved success on Instagram have mastered the art of visual content tactics. They know how to create great quality visuals to drive more traffic to their account and increase their Instagram engagement. The post should include images, videos, or both depending on the purpose of the post. Visual content is proven to generate more engagement on Instagram than any other type of content.

How To Boost Instagram Engagement: 5 Visual Content Tactics

In this post, we will cover five visual content tactics you can use to boost Instagram engagement.


Adopt a General Brand Aesthetic to Your Account and Be Consistent 


The heart of Instagram is visual content, and that will never change because Instagram is a visually driven platform that rewards aesthetically pleasing content. 


Try to use appropriate color pallets to make your posts look more presentable. You should also make sure that you use graphic images. If you cannot design visuals, employ a designer to do it for you. Last but not least, try to use multiple types of visuals, like stock photos, clip-arts, charts, and other formats where needed.


Visually, photos and videos with high-saturation filters have been replaced with candid shots, earthy tones, and a "no-edit" editing style. A popular look reduces highlights and increases the brightness of photos without touching the colors themselves too much, resulting in a pleasant natural look. 


It is crucial to pick the right—aesthetic style for your Instagram page, but it is more important to have a visually consistent feed than following any trending editing style.


Generate New Visual Content Regularly


Based on research, your followers are more likely to engage with your posts if you post at least twice a day. When you consistently post 1-2 new contents, your feed stays fresh and relevant. Thus, you have more chances to attract viewers to your content. 


Combining it with posting your content at the best time on Instagram is important, primarily when dealing with Instagram's algorithmic timeline. 


Create a Visual Story


Ensure that you are posting photos and videos in an arrangement that makes sense and tells a story. It is the same as making the audience watch a movie instead of just showing them single clips. 


To increase your Instagram engagement rates, try to become a good storyteller, and deliver micro-stories via your captions, videos, Instagram stories, and profile. 


Storytelling is a way to create çonnection with your followers. When people feel an emotional connection to your content, they are more likely to engage in it and even share it with their friends.


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Use Relevant Hashtags


One of the most critical functions of hashtags is to help you organize your photos and videos into specific categories, which makes it simpler for people to find what they are searching for and uncover new things and engage with what you are posting. 


You need hashtags related to the theme of your post or your business to drive more traffic to your Instagram.


Embrace Instagram AR Filters.


Instagram, with its Spark AR Studio, has enabled the creation of AR filters for the public. Since then, AR has taken the app, with some of the best filters getting over 1 billion views. Instagram AR filters have recently developed beyond just some effects that are added to your face. 


Now, the most popular AR filters are all about color grading and enhancing your video. Thus, as you add a filter to a photo, you can now add an AR filter to make your videos more impressive.


Although AR filters are still primarily popular among younger users, there is a thriving industry around AR filters. Many brands are opting to produce their own to get more exposure, boost Instagram engagement, and increase brand awareness.




Visual content is one of the most popular tactics when it comes to boosting your Instagram engagement. Brands and influencers use it in different ways, but one thing is clear–quality visuals are essential in gaining engagement. 


It's not enough to post a picture and hope that someone will see it. To get your content seen on Instagram, you need to be creative, think outside of the box, and make sure your work stands out from everyone else's.