5 Powerful Instagram Analytics Tools And The Most Important Metrics In Instagram Marketing To Measure

Every successful strategy needs four steps of implementation, they are setting up goals, execution, analysis, and improvement. Just like in Instagram's marketing strategy, analytics provides the analysis part of this strategy for social marketers.

5 Powerful Instagram Analytics Tools And The Most Important Metrics In Instagram Marketing To Measure

Powerful Instagram analytics tools enable you to comprehend how your Instagram account performs. By utilizing Instagram analytics, you can understand what’s working and what’s not. These are five Instagram analytics that you can try to help you reach your Instagram marketing goals.

5 Powerful Instagram Analytics Tools


Analisa.io is a platform that provides comprehensive and accurate information about Instagram account profiles and hashtag analysis. Analisa.io is different from other analytics platforms in a way that Analisa.io doesn't offer free trials; it's because Analisa.io basic itself is completely free. Just simply register on the platform if you want to use it for free. 

However, you can choose from some analytics package options that Analisa.io offers; Premium, Plus, and Pro services if you want to get unlimited Instagram and TikTok Analytics. The package options provide you with thorough and in-depth insights for use-cases like Campaign Reporting, Follower Demographics & Authenticity, Brand Profiling, Market Research, Content & Influencer Optimization, and Competitive Intelligence.

Analisa.io is a useful Instagram analytics tool for brands, marketers, agencies, creators, and Instagram influencers from around the world. Analisa.io can be utilized by every Instagram user who is attempting to measure the performance of any Instagram accounts and hashtags.


TapInfluence is an Instagram analytics tool that can be utilized to directly identify Instagram influencers. TapInfluence helps brands to find the right fit for their influencer campaigns by reviewing a database of over 50,000 influencers. By using TapInfluence, businesses can search for the right Instagram influencers by industry or specific tags based on what they’re looking for.

The tool also provides a photograph of numerous influencers, including their rates and cost per engagement. TapInfluence makes it easy for brands to choose the right Instagram influencers for their social media campaign by providing all of this data, furthermore, it helps save a lot of time when vetting influencers

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an Instagram analytics tool that specializes in content planning and analytics. As a brand or Instagram influencer, you can get insights into your content across all of your social media platforms, including Instagram by using content planning and publishing. Sprout Social also gives you insights on when is the best time to publish your Instagram content to optimize the Instagram engagement rate.

Social Status

Social Status provides analytics of Instagram accounts for both business and creator profiles. Social status helps you to measure Instagram metrics including impressions, video views, engagements, and follower growth.

Social Status Instagram analytics also provides Influencer Analytics for boosting influencer campaign performance into one dashboard. If you work with influencers, you can add each one to Social Status to track their campaign post and Stories performance. You can also track influencers’ public posts and track the performance of influencers you plan to work with.


SocialBlade is a user analytics platform that tracks stats for Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and more. It is not exactly an Instagram analytics tool, but it can be used to analyze Instagram accounts.

SocialBlade offers free view reports which are public, enabling you to view basic stats for Instagram accounts. These include the total follower count, as well as the number of followers, gained in the last month and daily. In addition, you can also view individual accounts’ media uploads, the number of accounts they’re following, engagement rates, and the average number of likes and comments.

5 Important Metrics to Track

Understanding your Instagram analytics is crucial to growing your business’s following on Instagram. Furthermore, learning what metrics to track will help you increase your online presence, post engagement, and build brand awareness. These are the five most important metrics to measure for your social media campaign;


It refers to the number of users who saw your post. In addition, it shows the posts which receive the most likes or comments and which do not. By learning from the data, you can analyze your Instagram performance. 

Audience Analytics

These metrics provide you with essential information about your audience

  • Top Followers: An account’s most engaging followers have the most number of following.
  • Follower Age: Information about the age ranges of an account's followers.
  • Follower Gender: The gender ratio an account’s followers make up.
  • Follower Interests: Information about the interests of the followers.
  • Follower Location: The geographic locations an account’s followers have listed in their profiles. Depending on the Instagram analytics tool, tracked locations can range from country to city level.

    Engagement Rate

    Engagement rate is the base metric measurement for evaluating your content performance, which will give you insights to create your next strategy to increase Instagram engagement. It informs you whether your content is resonating with your audience and inspiring action or not. 

    Follower Growth

    One of the most exact pieces of evidence of the success of your Instagram strategy is follower growth. The better you perform, the better your follower growth rate is.

    Hashtags Performance

    Hashtags are an important part of Instagram. Besides creating good, high-quality content, you also need to use a relevant hashtag. It allows non-followers to find your content and if they like what they see, they may decide to hit the follow button. You can use the Instagram analytics tool to track the performance of your hashtags.