4 Ways to Use AI in Marketing for Recruiters in 2021 and Beyond

In this article, we'll talk about the impact of AI technology in marketing and how to use it properly.

4 Ways to Use AI in Marketing for Recruiters in 2021 and Beyond

AI recruiting platforms have brought a lot of changes. The HR department enjoys higher efficiency in workflows. Finding high-quality recruits is easy. The software searches through different platforms to find candidates. Sifting through tons of applications is quick and gives reliable results. It ensures the organization hires individuals who are a good fit for the job. AI has also changed recruiting marketing as well. We will show you how in our article.

AI Can Reach Wider Audiences

HR managers have to look for the best way to reach potential candidates. They will spend a lot of money on advertising in print, electronic or online media. But, they can never be sure about who will see the advertisements. 

That means a potential candidate could miss out on the opportunity to apply for the position. AI recruiting software can reach a wider pool of candidates. You may have received suggestions for jobs you can apply for on your social media account. 

The same happens on job boards or other online platforms. Yet, you have not applied for the position. How does this happen? Well, AI uses algorithms that match your skills to the positions. It identifies you as the right target and then gives the recommendation. 

AI sourcing tools crawl through millions of online resources to reach potential candidates. Think of how much the company can save by not spending money on ads in media that may not work. Savings also come from not having to spend hours doing manual research.

Better Quality Content in Job Postings

One of the greatest recruiting challenges is the element of bias. It could be conscious or unconscious, making it hard to remove. AI recruiting technologies do not have human issues. They allow for better screening without focusing on factors like ethnicity or gender. A company can improve diversity and inclusivity by focusing on the critical elements. Such include skill, industry-specific knowledge, and experience.

But, it is important to remember one thing. According to a report in the Financial Times, human bias can even find its way into AI algorithms. Smart machines can learn human prejudices. They can then perpetuate the biases that the team is trying to remove. They end up becoming a stumbling block instead of a solution. It is critical that whoever is generating the scripts is watchful of elements of bias. After all, the results are only as reliable as the data you feed the machines.

Conversational HR Recruiting With Chatbots

Conversational marketing has already changed the e-commerce sector. The use of AI-powered chatbots improves the customer experience. Shoppers get to have conversations on the platforms. There is better engagement, interaction, and personalization of services. Quick handling of customer issues or queries leads to better satisfaction. And now, the HR department can use the same processes to engage with potential candidates. The technology helps analyze sentiments from prospective and existing employees. 

The data is excellent for carrying out the analysis resulting in actionable insights. The AI recruiting technologies can pick patterns in the conversations. These can shed a lot of light on different things. Such include dissatisfaction, disinterest, excitement, and so on. The teams can leverage such insights to address concerns or improve specific things. For employees, the result is a happier work environment. Remember they are the company’s first brand ambassadors. 

When they have positive things to say about the company, it is a powerful marketing tool. The same happens when potential candidates feel the company is listening to them. Even if they do not get the job, the experience they leave with is pleasant. Think about it like a shopper who has a pleasant user experience on the e-commerce platform. Even if they do not buy, the brand will enjoy a positive perception in their minds. The possibility of them coming back is high. They will also share their experience with others resulting in referrals.

Use of Data Insights for Better Recruiting and Retention Strategies

As we have stated above, AI recruiting platforms are data-driven. Companies use analytics to gain insights into different things. HR can, for instance, use job seeker behaviour to fine-tune their requirements. It allows for the setting of more realistic goals and expectations. AI software also uses predictive analytics. These determine what will happen in the future, based on past trends. The process is critical for identifying top talent. 

Other benefits include shorter hiring processes and better quality hires. The teams get information on the candidate’s suitability for the position. AI technology can also help keep employees once they are on board. Workforce data can predict employee fatigue, potential, and even flight risk. HR can take relevant steps to reduce turnover and increase motivation. The technologies can help in creating better or personalized schedules. It will take care of issues like overworking or fatigue. The result is happier, more productive employees who will have no desire to leave the company.

Final Thoughts

Recruiting managers have the hard task of finding the right talent. The process can be time-consuming and expensive for the organization. But now, AI recruiting technologies provide an excellent solution. We have looked at some ways that HR can take advantage of the software for marketing purposes. The most obvious would be that the automation of the processes saves time. There is higher efficiency in the workflows.

The company can reach a wider talent pool. The technologies crawl through millions of profiles or platforms on the online space. They identify potential candidates who can fit into the specific roles. Some AI technologies remove bias from the recruiting messages. They can pick out words or phrases that show prejudice towards specific groups of people. Removing the focus from factors like gender, age, religion increases inclusivity and diversity.

AI-powered chatbots can help with conversation marketing for the recruitment teams. It improves interaction and engagement with potential recruits. Finally, data-driven insights can help create better recruiting and retention strategies. Predictive analytics identify the best talent and reduce the hiring time quite a bit. Investing in AI recruiting technologies is something companies operating in 2021 and beyond may not be able to avoid. Not if they want to attract and keep the right talent.