4 A's Of Rural Marketing

The 4 A's of rural marketing are Affordability, Availability, Acceptability, and Awareness.

4 A's Of Rural Marketing

When making decisions about expansion into rural markets, it's important to restructure any marketing strategies to suit rural consumers' unique needs and preferences.

There are so many companies who have already done well in the rural market, and some are ready to take on this challenge at long last. For example, HUL, ITC, and Mahindra have been working hard on updating marketing strategies for rural areas. They've reached out to a lot of the local population as a result.

What are the 4 A's of rural marketing?

These are the various components of 4 A, which apply broadly to rural marketing.

1. Affordability - The incomes in rural areas are generally much lower than in cities. Consumers there often can't afford luxury items and instead focus on the necessary products. Marketers have to consider the affordability of rural consumers and how they like budget-friendly products. You should always be designing a product that fulfills the customer's needs and is within their budget.  

2. Availability - The biggest challenge in the rural market is reaching the customer. Rural consumers are usually low-income earners who spend their money on necessities every day. However, sometimes products may not be readily available in rural stores, due to which such consumers may shift to another substitute product. Companies should try to offer their products to customers sooner. Many company products are marketed well, but by the time they get delivered, it's too late.

3. Acceptability - Products should be designed in a user-friendly way to benefit rural consumers. Design the product in a manner where customers would see a value, even if they have to put an additional amount of money on it. Consumers should have a sense of comfort when using the product and should not hesitate to go for it.

4. Awareness - The Customer awareness campaign should be designed to reach the customer's thinking. Commercials on TV, radio, and outdoors can be used to reach customers. This is why marketers need to focus on the mediums of communication and entertainment that are common in rural areas. Doing this will allow them to reach potential customers, create valuable brand awareness and draw sensible consumers to what they offer. 

You should invest in rural marketing with a long-term perspective and have the patience to earn those desired results.