Seventy-Five Christmases

You need to listen to this and understand the message.

Seventy-Five Christmases

For anyone who might be feeling a bit lost in life or doesn’t seem to have the ability to move on from a negative situation (e.g. – unhappy with work, in toxic relationships or stuck in a rut in life), you need to listen to this and understand the message.

If you know someone who could use some life-changing motivation or maybe they just need a new perspective on finding their focus in life or prioritization, please make sure to share this directly with them or share it onto your walls because you never know who in your network might need to see this at this moment in time.

Sometimes you come across moments in your life that really wake you up and impact you for the rest of your life. This event was one such moment that revolutionized my life and became an integral part of my DNA. I was once told a long time ago (about 30 years ago when times were different) that, at best, we all have about 75 Christmases (at the time, avg life expectancy for people was 75 yrs).

This set the tone for a mindset and lifestyle that would last for over 30 years and is one of the core values that I live by today. Reflect & Enjoy! Sorry for the glitch on the screen.