Perry Belcher On Pandemic: Pivot, Don’t Pause Part 1 & 2

Here's why you need to listen to the podcast episode.

You know that feeling when someone understands what business owners like you are going through these tough times (e.g., pandemic)? That is why you can listen to Perry Belcher, investor, direct response marketing specialist, and co-founder of Digital If you think this serial entrepreneur wasn’t affected by the pandemic, you’re wrong. He just found a better way to work around the situation.

Here’s why you need to listen to the podcast episode: 1. Why he’s busier now compared to the last five years 2. How to pivot during the challenging times 3. Taking mental notes: Remember who remembered you during the downtimes 4. Handling some of his businesses that were affected by COVID-19 5. Giving premiums during a pandemic

Part 1

Part 2