Why Covert Is Overtly Better

Covert couriers blend into the crowd. You won’t know where they are. The public won’t know

Why Covert Is Overtly Better

We consistently see the armoured trucks and vans driving around. We see the uniforms. You know what they’re doing. You know why they’re in store. It’s like waving a red flag. “Here’s lots of cash moving around!” “Look what we have out in the open!” Why would you want everyone to know where, and when your cash is vulnerable? 

Covert couriers blend into the crowd. You won’t know where they are. The public won’t know. Softcover couriers will look like any regular customer popping in, or perhaps look like your own employees. Without the uniforms and marked vehicles, it’s harder to spot a guard with cash. They’ve had the same training (minus the armed part), and know all the evasion techniques necessary to be careful.

We all walk around assuming the guards are able to draw their weapon to scare off potential robbers. Did you know they can’t draw them unless their lives are in IMMINENT danger? Not to protect your money… Not to scare people into withdrawing… Only if their own lives are about to end. And, they can only draw if they intend to shoot. I always thought they could just grab their gun and intimidate anyone who thought of taking their client’s money.

If the guards can’t use their weapons, why pay for the security of carrying any? If you have a covert service, they do not need to pass on expensive insurance prices to you. Sure, armed guards can carry more of your takings in a single trip. But if you balance that against any potential shootings, the staff that will have to take leave for stress if there was an incident, or bad press if something happens, isn’t it easier to have two collections instead? Not to mention an extremely small amount of businesses net enough raw cash in a single day to exceed the insurance limits of a covert service.

Have you seen the videos and news reports online of guards surrendering when under attack? They get held up and just have to submit. Hand over the money, and lay down. There are worse ones where the armoured vehicles are firebombed. It’s becoming more common to see reports online of armed guards revealing all, badly fitting uniforms and protective gear, lost workmates and colleagues, and constant danger, all for $30 per hour. Covert couriers get the same pay rate, without the constant stress. No one is holding them up, shooting or stabbing them, or even targeting them. No one knows they’re there!

Apart from that, have you ever stood next to an armed guard? Have you really looked at them and realised, they are holding a weapon and anything could happen? What if they did draw it? How good an aim is this person? I’ve been out and about, and suddenly an armed guard and his mate are standing in a very confined space with me and a few other people. It’s very disconcerting. I popped into my local Post Office once. There were two armed guards. Now, this was a tiny little office, and if there were more than three people, we were queued out the door. So I’m there, one guy is close to the door glaring at me, and the other is at the counter getting the money. This was not a quick transaction either. The entire time, I’m just wondering if something happens, where’s my guarantee these guys can even aim straight?

As cash in transit is becoming more commonplace, we are finding that a lot of different types of businesses require attendance with no firearms. It used to be mostly schools. No one wants a gun near their kids. No parent wants to think that you could get a call that there’s been a shooting at school. This is Australia! Over here, that doesn’t happen. So schools opt for softcover couriers. Then retail businesses began realising their customers don’t want guns near them either. You don’t want to go shopping during your lunch break or your day off and be confronted by surly, armed goons. So retail outlets are increasingly looking at covert services.

Now, there are places like correctional facilities. Cover couriers are the only ones allowed in there. You can’t even take your phone inside, let alone a weapon! There’s been an increase in the number of correctional facilities located in remote areas, that still require money for their employees, inmates, and shops onsite. Again, softcover guards are the only option here.

Just make sure you research. Find out if you really need to pay for that gun. To stay in its holster. Near your cash. Unless your cash is stolen, then it’s nowhere near the weapon.